Bike HUD

As one of the millions around the world who enjoy the thrill and exhilaration of motorcycling you’ll know that safety is as important as the ride itself.

That’s why we have come up with BIKEHUD, a futuristic ‘head-up’ helmet display system which is set to revolutionise the way you read and absorb key on-board data.

With the amazing BIKEHUD device you can access all dashboard information instantly through your peripheral vision – improving reaction times and rider safety and allowing you 100% uninterrupted focus on the road ahead.

Everything you need to know from speed, fuel, engine revs, indicators, gear selector and time – can be glanced instantly via a discreet screen built into the visor of the helmet itself – an effect not unlike the movie character Terminator’s android vision!

It means that for the first time you’ll have an extra set of ‘eyes’ to enjoy the freedom of the road safely without the distraction of having to look down at your instrument panel.

You don’t even need to change focus when viewing the display as the focal length is set close to infinity – so your eyes can stay fixed on the road ahead.

So how does BIKEHUD work?
BIKEHUD is the most innovative bike product in a generation and is the culmination of years of research and development.

It is mounted by a brace to the inside of any full-face motorcycle crash helmet, although there are plans to release a version next year which can be used with open-face helmets too.

From there, it is connected via a single cable to an onboard computer and GPS unit, fitted under the seat of your bike. It’s been designed to fit to any motorcycle with a 12V electrical circuit.

A toggle switch, which can easily be used wearing motorcycle gloves, is mounted on the bike’s handlebars and allows a rider to scroll between the information pages that they want displayed.

BIKEHUD features four modes:
Commuting / Leisure riding / Track days / Touring

Importantly, the display is configurable, so YOU choose the information you want to see.

If you are a racer, you’ll probably prefer to set your Bike HUD to show lap time, split sector times and session countdown timer.

In commuting mode, BIKEHUD displays speed, gear change, revs and indicators so that when approaching a speed camera, for example, you won’t need to look down to check how fast you are going.

BIKEHUD will never block the rider’s vision because it sits in front of the face below the right or left cheekbone, allowing you to read dashboard data peripherally without affecting your view of the road.

So if you ever forget to cancel indicator signals, the speed display will flash until you turn them off.

Also, you can choose different colours for the bike’s speed. So, in a 30mph zone it will be white, but will change to blue from 35-45mph and so on.

In addition, BIKEHUD is compatible with a range of on-board accessories, including MP3 audio as well as jacks for cell phone and radio, so you’ll only ever need one set of headphones.