General questions

What is Bike HUD?
Bike HUD is a heads­up display (HUD) system that shows motorcycle riders key information such as speed, engine revs and gear selection via a helmet-mounted display.

Bike HUD makes riding safer by increasing road awareness.
There are three parts to Bike HUD: an on-board computer, handle mounted control panel and in-helmet audio and display unit.

On-board computer: about the size of an iPhone the on-board computer has been designed to fit to any motorcycle with a 12V electrical circuit. It provides a powerful and flexible system that can run mapping and even has options for playing MP3 audio as well as audio-in jacks for your existing GPS, cell phones, radio etc. so you only need one set of headphones.

Bike HUD is expandable to take a range of accessories we’re developing such as Rider-Passenger intercom, I.C.E. (In Case Of Emergency) monitoring, smartphone plug-in and charge points etc.


Using its onboard high-resolution GPS and data from the bike, critical information such as speed, gear, revs, indicators, Road Angel alerts etc. are fed to the helmet-mounted unit.

Motorbike in-helmet HUD components

All this and Future Proofed
While Bike HUD is brand new today, we’ve taken steps to make sure that our customers stay ahead of the game by future-proofing our products. Updates to software can be downloaded free of charge and there will be a buy-back option for trading up to future versions of Bike HUD.

Won’t Bike HUD block my vision and/or create blind spots?
No. The Bike HUD display sits just in front of your face below your eye. For forward vision you look over the top of the display. Bike HUD is seen in your peripheral vision as a shadow in much the same way as your finger disappears when you place it on the bridge of your nose. The display ‘floats’ in this shadowed area allowing you to see through HUD.

I’m short-sighted/long-sighted/have impaired vision – will Bike HUD work for me?
Bike HUD has been configured to work for most people, including spectacle wearers. However, unfortunately there are limitations and if you suffer from severe long-sightedness or are blind in one eye, Bike HUD may not work for you.
If you’re in any doubt, please contact us for more information.

Is Bike HUD easy to use?
Yes, but you should allow for an hour or two of riding to get used to the way the display works. Initially there is a temptation to keep looking at the display, of course the data can be read in this way but Bike HUD is designed so that the most important information is read through your peripheral vision, that is, without actually looking at the display therefore keeping your eyes on what’s going on ahead.

Do I need to change focus to view the screen?
No, there’s no need to change focus when viewing the display. The focal length of the display is set close to infinity so your eyes can stay focused on the road ahead.

Is Bike HUD safe?
Bike HUD is CE approved and has been crash tested by the transport research laboratory (TRL), which certifies motorcycle helmets to the industry standard SHARP scheme. So yes, we believe Bike HUD is very safe – in fact, we believe that Bike HUD increases rider safety because Bike HUD users spend more time looking up and at the road conditions rather than down at their instruments.

Does Bike HUD have a battery? How long can I run it for?
Bike HUD can run all day , it is powered by your motorcycle and there’s no heavy battery in the helmet or anywhere else to worry about.

Ordering, delivery, returns
When will I receive my Bike HUD?
Your Bike HUD will be delivered in time for Christmas. We expect the first units to ship in early December.

What’s the warranty on Bike HUD?
Our products are guaranteed for a period of 12 months.

What if I change my mind?
We offer a 7 day full money back refund. If in that period of time you feel the product is not for you then simply return it in the original package for a full refund.

Do you ship to international customers?
Yes. Delivery charges are shown at the checkout when you order your Bike HUD. You will be liable for any import duties or tariffs incurred for import of Bike HUD to your country

I have more than one motorcycle, do I need to order multiple Bike HUDs?
Yes. A standard Bike HUD system comes with all the parts you need for one motorcycle. To use Bike HUD on an extra bike, you just need to order an extra on-board computer and control panel for each of your bikes. The in-helmet display simply plugs into the on-board computer on whichever bike you’re riding.

What happens if I damage or change my helmet?
No problem! Bike HUD’s in-helmet display can be remove from your current helmet and installed on the new helmet in seconds. There is no need for permanent or messy attachment (no holes, glue etc.)

Will Bike HUD fit all motorcycle helmets?
The Bike HUD in-helmet display fits on the rubber seal between the upper and lower edges of the visor aperture. Providing your helmet has a rubber seal that is less than 10mm thick Bike HUD should fit just fine. To date Bike HUD has fitted all full-face helmets we’ve tried and around 75% of all Flip-front helmets. Bike HUD DOES NOT currently fit open-face helmets.

Bike HUD fitted to an open-face helmet

Will Bike HUD fit all motorcycles?
Bike HUD has fitted 100% of all motorcycles we’ve tried it on and to the best of our knowledge it should work on all motorcycles.

Can the Bike HUD display be worn on the left or right side of the helmet?
Yes – Bike HUD can be worn under the left or right eye. We recommend you wear it on the inside of your riding position (i.e. on the left if you drive on the left-hand side of the road and on the right if you drive on the right).