“A Glance at BIKEHUD makes riding safer and definitely more enjoyable.”


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The Benefits

Context-oriented display inside your helmet. Which means only relevant data is displayed when it is needed maintaining your view on the road ahead. Making you safer. Making riding easier. Keeping things simple.

Two versions fit your equipment of choice Which means whatever your helmet, sound system and motorcycle BIKEHUD will integrate all of them seamlessly.

Modular system approach. Which means functionality can be simple or comprehensive to suit your needs, your pocket.

BIKEHUD is the first augmented vision product developed specifically for motorcyclists.

Our near eye display, with infinity focus, minimises the time taken to view critical data in a centralised location; the agenda – to maximise your attention on the road ahead and enhance the enjoyment of your ride.

Integrated into your helmet and motorcycle of choice, BIKEHUD is an Information System that seamlessly delivers everything – key motorcycle data, GPS, audio, rear vision, proximity safety alerts, speed enforcements. Just download the BIKEHUD Adventure App, synchronise your smart phone and you’re on your way.


Hi, I’m Dave Vout, CEO and Founder of BIKESYSTEMS.

As a concept BIKEHUD was formed in 2010. As a ‘mature’ rider I was aware of the time taken to focus/refocus between the road ahead and the instrumentation. Each time I checked, I was riding blind. The concept was to centralise all relevant information from the bike and surroundings and present it to the rider maintaining the view on the ride ahead without having to re-focus, without distraction.

Legalities and safety were paramount and we spent over a year on research and we also commissioned a series of feasibility studies for technical requirements.

2012 saw the first prototypes. These test beds were used to research ideal positioning, size, display format & content. More than 12 months elapsed before we arrived at our Rule of Three concept which ensures BIKEHUD provides the right information to the rider at the right time without causing distractions.

In May 2013, final design of the first generation product commenced. Two core design considerations ensure that ALL BIKEHUD’s fit to motorcycle and currently available helmet regardless of age, style or manufacturer. The original BIKEHUD was launched at the UK’s Bike Show November 2013 and started shipping early January 2014.

With our first generation BIKEHUD we have gained an incredible amount of data while establishing ourselves as a reliable supplier. With our second generation of BIKEHUD, ADVENTURE, we are set to turn our ideas to mainstream product – making riding safer, easier and much more fun.

We hope you like ADVENTURE and what it has to offer and look forward to enhancing your riding experience.

Dave Vout

CEO & Founder

Frequently Asked Questions


It is easier to ask what does BIKEHUD not fit. BIKEHUD comes in two versions – SPORT which fits most full-face helmets and TOUR that fits a range of touring full face, flip fronts and open face helmets.

If in doubt please visit your stockists or drop us a line. If you are in the UK you can call us.

What helmets does BIKEHUD fit?

I wear glasses, will BIKEHUD work for me?

Isn’t BIKEHUD a distraction?

I have an original BIKEHUD, will this new monocle fit my old system?