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Our original BIKEHUD was launched at the UK’s Bike Show ‘Motorcycle Live’ in November 2013 and started shipping early January 2014.

BIKEHUD was The World’s first Head-Up Display product developed specifically for motorbikes.

BIKEHUD works! With its rear-view camera and built-in GPS, BIKEHUD eliminates those distracting glances in the mirror or having to look down to check speed. It means you always keep your focus where it should be – The road ahead.

And it does all of this without you having to replace your existing helmet!

As a concept BIKEHUD was formed in 2010. As ‘mature’ riders we were aware of the time taken to focus/refocus between the road ahead and the instrumentation. Half the time mirrors showed only shoulders or vibrated so much they were unusable.  Every check meant we were riding blind. There had to be a better way!

BIKEHUD has sold worldwide, ridden many thousands of miles by riders of all experiences on bikes of all styles. We’ve received volumes of feedback as to how to improve the original BIKEHUD.

Five years on we introduce the all-new BIKEHUD. It’s smaller. It has a SERIOUS battery life. And if you know what a screwdriver looks like you can fit it in minutes.

The new BIKEHUD delivers so much more while giving the rider choices of using as much or as little as he needs. Above all BIKEHUD riders focus on their ride, not on the tech.

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