“When we ride, there’s no room for distractions.”

You love to ride. And you want to carry on riding for decades to come. We are just like you. To achieve that longevity, safety in the saddle is paramount.
We created BIKEHUD to enable us to keep our heads UP at all times. As bikers ourselves, we decided we should be watching the miles, not the dials.

In terms of potential consequences, the fact is: car, van and lorry drivers
can afford to have more distractions than bikers. Modern gadgets and
gizmos risk diverting your attention regardless of the vehicle
you choose to drive, but for a biker, a split second glance
at a speedo or GPS at the wrong time can have much
more disastrous consequences than for those who
drive around in a steel box.

There’s a reason why race bikes don’t have speedos. It’s an unnecessary
distraction. But roads have speed limits, which means you do need to
know how fast you’re going, not to mention all the other variables you’ll
expect find detailed on a modern bike dash. That’s why we formed
BIKESYSTEMS and created BIKEHUD (Head-Up Display). BIKEHUD
revolutionises the way you read and absorb key on-board data, keeping you
looking ahead 100% of the time.


BIKEHUD’s unique and groundbreaking technology began its journey in 2010. Since then we’ve been through countless cycles of development, scientific
consultation, testing, refining, retesting and redefining of the technology.


BIKESYSTEMS’ technicians have tirelessly gone through every permutation, configuration and display implementation imaginable, so you can be assured that the Head-Up Display we’ve brought to market is the fruit of thousands of hours of research, painstaking development and a wealth of empirical knowledge gained along the way.


Our HUD (or NED – Near Eye Display, more precisely) has been specifically developed by bikers, for bikers. It’s not for cyclists, for motorists or for pilots. The reason it doesn’t follow the transparent overlay model as seen in aviation HUDs is because this is not aviation.

Our extensive research showed that for motorcyclists to avoid critical distraction, there must NEVER be data placed directly in the rider’s field of view; the optimum angle being between 7-15 degrees, which BIKEHUD adheres to. Aviation HUD’s are primary devices as the pilot has nothing else to see but cloud and sky, whereas motorcycle HUD’s are secondary devices as the rider needs to keep their eyes focused on what’s around them first and foremost.

The road and, more specifically, riding a motorbike, presents a completely different set of problems that BIKEHUD needed to solve. And we’ve done just that. But this is just the beginning. In the grand scheme of things, BIKEHUD is still in its infancy and we already have plenty of ideas and plans for further product development, several as a result of invaluable feedback from the enthusiastic biking community, something we’re actively encouraging. We knew from the outset that consultation with and feedback from other bikers was as important for the product as consultation with scientists and road safety experts.


BIKEHUD was not born out of entrepreneurs simply looking to exploit a niche in the market – we live and breathe bikes and riding, just like you.

At BIKESYSTEMS we’re not afraid to dream big. We want to change the world of motorbikes and make a real difference to both rider safety and ride enjoyment. We don’t believe the two are mutually exclusive, and with BIKEHUD, we strongly believe we’re raising the bar for both.

We look forward to revolutionising your ride.